W1GHZ transverter purchases update #1

From Mr. French, W8ISS:

“Hello everyone.

This is just to let you know the status of everything so far.

I have received all the parts this year safely and without incident like happened last year which is good.

Paul W1GHZ sent me what boards he had on hand and has ordered more boards to fulfil what is needed for the purchase this year. He saids he should have them in his hands by around the end of this month if not sooner. then he will send me what I still need.

I have been a little lazy in getting things packaged up as I have been working seven days a week for the past month and recently had to take this weekend off because of a minor setback with a job injury to my shoulder (again) so I was not allowed to do much activities the past few days….:( The doctor has OKed me to do somethings again…:)

So I will be starting to sort and package up the parts over the next few days and double checking everyones orders as I go to make sure things are correct. If everything goes as I am currently planning, I should start to ship out just after Thanksgiving this year and finish up as soon as I get the last of the boards from Paul.

Thats everything so far.

Thanks everyone for placing your orders.