Upcoming Projects and Other Transitions

Lot’s of irons in the fire!  I’ve got many things going on which I will be reporting on shortly.  In the meantime, let me give you, dear reader, a quick situational report.

*1) The ABPM from DEMI has been put together, but has been found somewhat lacking.  I may have burned up a detector chip inside- this build and build notes are waiting for further testing before I chime in with my final thoughts.  After all, if I burned something up, it is hardly DEMI’s fault, right?

*2) The 902 W1GHZ project is shortly going to bed.  Now that I have a radio, interfacing is the last main issue.  I have all the parts needed; once interfacing is done, I’ll be able to transfer it to a suitable container.  Of course, if I had done this correctly, the container would have been the first part I had considered.

*3) I’m continuing work on the paper for the SVHFS conference publication.  This will be ongoing until January.  I also have an idea I am semi-working on for QST.

*4) By the grace of K4CSO, I came into a power meter cheaply and I hope to have a photo montage of it for the reader soon.

*5) I’m working on my Cookery pages to share recipes and, specifically, am currently working on delivering Grandma’s Vegetable Soup as a free recipe for all.  Also, I have some thoughts about cornbread I would like to share.  And Jello- I’m bringing back Jello.

*6) The 900MHz. amp is in as good a condition as I can make it- but no news on its stats yet.  I had a couple of these at one time due to an eBay over bid and I got rid of all but one.  Wish I hadn’t done that.  That said, the old guard of uWaves don’t play on 900, as it is a band which either “shouldn’t be” or “worth having.”  Which came first, the constructor or the contester?

*7) Recently taken advantage of a good deal and have some 10GHz material.  When it gets here, I’ll have a better idea of its nature.  At least, going to need an LO.  Which reminds me- W7BAS never did come up with a 1296 transverter- but don’t take this as an indicator of the quality of the LO he produced, or any of his other projects- he is just very busy.  Of the one LO I’ve received, it was really quite well done.  But for now, scratch the 1296 xverter from W7BAS.  It’s a no go (but maybe next year, if he gets some time to devote to the project!).

*8) All of this belittles the work I have been doing regarding t-shirts.  I realize that may not mean much to you, but for those of us who buy them and use them over and over- and understand what the word piling means in regards to said- I’ve designed a t-shirt comparative.  Because if I called it a t-shirt competition, well, where to go from there?

So, as you can see, lots of things going on.

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