Driver Amplifier for W1GHZ 902/3 Transverter

I recall reading in the recent DUBUS magazine that something every VHF+ user could use was more power.  Naturally, everyone could use more power!  This fact escapes many people who run a barefoot (the all too common 100 watt) transceiver as their main rig.  Many HF users believe 100 watts is the starting point; of course, there is the QRP bunch who do a lot of communicating with a great deal less power.  Nevertheless, there is a large difference between what is QRP on HF and what counts for low power in the microwave domain.  Additionally, there is also a large difference between what counts for QRO between HF and uWave spectrum, as well.

The transverter, as measured so far, puts out about 32mW.  That’s just not very much-  it could get lost in the coax!  So, the plan is to build an amplifier that will take this output and turn it into something respectable (and not so hard to work for the other station!).  Also, I would like this all to fit in the same box- that is, I want the transverter to be plug and play with at least +1 watt output with the xverter boards, switching, sequencing and at least one amp.  After a couple of queries, I found something that I am hopeful will do the job.

A fellow on eBay is selling both a PA module and PCB board for a 5-10 watt (depending on how it is powered and biased) amplifier.  Ultimately, I will be using this to drive another amplifier, but for now, I’m just trying to get my signal above the microwatt level!  As I’ve not yet put mine together, I can’t say I recommend or that I dislike the seller.  I should have the unit built in the next couple weeks to a month or so; if everything checks out, I’ll vouch for the guy and give the sellers name.  The more curious and adventurous will have already looked up this information in the W1GHZ transverter group and will have found some driver amplifier solutions therein.

In other news, I feel like I am getting closer to a container for the xverter project.  After a back and forth email missive with W7BAS, he mentioned that I should check out Context Engineering.  (Also, while Bruce said he was not currently working on any 10 GHz project, he did say he “had some ideas” regarding a transverter.  Stay tuned folks!)  I like the boxes and different enclosures that CE has; that said, not sure what is going to be right for me.  Charles, K4CSO, talks about the solutions to these difficulties as “3D thinking.”  Wish I had more of it.

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