A Fair Shake

This year has really gotten away from me. With the tree falling on the house and subsequent reconstruction taking up a great deal of energy, time, and money, there has been little room for doing much more than thinking about shooting. While that isn’t the worst sort of practice, as ideomotor training is valuable, it certainly isn’t as fun as getting out and turning money into noise.

Something has occurred to me over the course of the year that I do need to address here- I’ve changed measurement devices from dial to digital calipers and purchased a scale with more resolution. Both of these changes, in addition to the fact that I’m only as good at measuring as practice will allow, means that I may not have given the Speer, Nosler, or Magnus bullets a fair shake. I’ve amended all measurement posts to indicate what measuring tools were used in the interest of full disclosure. I do plan on remeasuring these various bullets with the new and improved tools and more refined technique, which will bring some consistency across all measurements taken. Like life, there is always a bit of a learning curve.

I certainly do not wish tarnish any company publicly- I’m just a humble scribe reporting what I (think I) have learned. And what I’ve learned is when you change devices and practices, you are going to change the narrative a bit, and it’s simply unfair to not report it.

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